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People bear witness to incidents of racism every day.
If you have experienced, witnessed or heard about a racist incident in Ireland we encourage to break the silence and report it to
If you wish to get redress please refer to our Responding to Racism Guide: How to Report Racism and Where to Find Help for more information on how to deal with racist crime, racist discrimination and racism online.

About is a national, confidential and easy to use online racist incident reporting tool for people who experience or witness racism to do something about it.

  • It is a system for monitoring racism in Ireland.
  • Enables people who experience or witness racism to have their voices heard and break the silence.
  • Counters an increase in racism and hardening of racist attitudes.
  • Responds to the need for better information on racism in Ireland.
  • Responds to the need to focus discussion on finding solutions to racism.

Why report racism?

For a variety of reasons, the vast majority of racist incidents go unreported.
It is important to report racism:

  • Because if you don’t do so, it stays invisible.
  • Because Ireland needs to take racism seriously.
  • To change from a culture where people don’t know what to do about racism and give a voice to those affected by it.
  • To get a better idea of the extent and nature of racism in Ireland, how often racist incidents occur and who is experiencing racism in Ireland.
  • To understand more about different kinds of racism in Ireland.
  • In some cases, if you are willing, to take action against the people responsible.
  • To devise effective local strategies for combating racism.
  • To inform our arguments for stronger anti-racist policies at a national level.
  • To collect the information to make reports which help us lobby for better protection against racism.

How to report racism

All racist incidents, including crime, discrimination in access to goods and services, racism and hate speech online, can be reported in confidence to Fill out the online form and describe what happened. Photos, screen grabs and other files can be uploaded.
Detailed information on reporting a racist crime, racist discrimination and racism online, including contact details of available support, can be found in our Responding to Racism Guide: How to Report Racism and Where to Find Help.
The reports you send INAR are fully confidential. With your permission, we may contact you for further details about your report to help us further understand the nature and context of the incident. We will never hand over information unless compelled to do so by the law.

Using does not replace reporting to authorities.

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