IREPORT.IE RACISM REPORTING CENTRES Racism Reporting Centres are a growing national network of over 40 organisations committed to anti-racism and equality, where people can be supported in reporting racism through and when possible, receive information and/or support where to get redress and further help. 

In INAR we strive, with the help of our Network, to collect the evidence of racism in Ireland, increase reporting of racist incidents and provide support to those affected.

Most of the people who experience or witness racism don’t report it as they face multiple barriers in reporting it or simply don’t know how and where to do so. Because of that, the vast majority of racist incidents in Ireland go unrecorded and unacknowledged by the state and the wider society, meaning that racism simply stays invisible and can’t be effectively addressed.

To overcome these barriers INAR developed the, easy to use an online reporting system which guarantees confidentiality, is written in plain English and can be filled in anonymously if the person so wishes on any device with an internet connection. 

The system also allows for people to be supported in recording racist incidents by our network of iReport Reporting Centres working locally with communities most at risk of racism. reporting centres

Reporting centres


Currently, there are over 40 organisations across Ireland acting as Reporting Centres where you can get the following assistance:
  • Receive support with reporting what happened to Racist Incident Reporting System, so there is a record of the incident.

  • Depending on the capacity and expertise of a Reporting Centre, get further advice on where to get redress and how to complain to various bodies.

  • Some specialised organisations may provide advocacy service, help with filling forms etc.

  • Information about how the works and why it’s vital to report racism.

Participating Organisations

Find your local Reporting Centre.

  • Amal Women’s Association: T: 01 453 3242  E: Visit
  • Canal Communities Against Racism (covering Rialto, Kilmainham, Inchicore, Bluebell, Islandbridge): See 18 participating organisations here
  • Cairde: Dublin T: 01 855 2111  E:; Balbriggan T: 01 802 0785  E:  Visit 
  • Crosscare Refugee Service: T: 01 873 2844  E:  Visit
  • Dublin City Centre Citizens Information Service, O’Connell St & Nth King St CIS: T: 076 107 7239 E:  Visit
  • Dublin City South Partnership:   T: 01 473 2196  E:   Visit
  • Hillview Resource Centre, Ballinteer, Dublin:  T: 01 296 5025  E:  Visit
  • Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland: T: 01 208 0000  E:  Visit
  • Islamic Foundation of Ireland T: 01 453 3242 E: Visit
  • Irish Refugee Council: T: 01 764 5854 E:  Visit
  • Irish Traveller Movement or any of its member organisations: T: 01 679 6577  E:  Visit
  • Jesuit Refugee Service: T: 01 814 8644  E:  Visit
  • Migrant Rights Centre Ireland: T: 01 889 7570  E:  Visit
  • National Youth Council of Ireland T: 01 478 4122  E:  Visit
  • New Communities Partnership:  T: 01 872 7842  E:  Visit
  • Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Rights Centre: T: 01 878 0255 E:  Visit
  • South Dublin Intercultural CentreT: 01 464 9306  Visit
  • Union of Students in Ireland:  T: 01 709 9300  E:  Visit
  • Galway Traveller Movement: T: 091 765 390  E:  Visit
  • Doras:  T: 061 310 328  E:  Visit
  • Jesuit Refugee Service: T: 061 480922  E:   Visit
  • Cultúr, Trim: T: 046 909 3120  E:  Visit
  • Offaly Traveller Movement: T: 057 935 2438 E: Visit

Become an Racism Reporting Centre

Currently, there are over 40 organisations acting as iReport Racism Reporting Centres. INAR would like to expand this national network to increase the reach of, support victims and witnesses of racism, increase reporting and build the confidence of our Members and Supporters to deal with racism in their communities.

As an Racism Reporting Centre your organisation commits to:
  • Promoting in your community and among your service users/members/staff;
  • Promoting on your website and social media;
  • Supporting victims and witnesses of racism in making reports to;
  • When possible, and depending on organisation’s capacity and expertise, providing basic further information on where and how to report racism and get redress.

Interested? Get in touch!

If your organisation would like to become involved with this network, please feel free to contact us at and provide your contact information in the following order:

  • Organisation:
  • Town/City & County:
  • Contact person*:
  • Contact phone:
  • Email:
  • Website:
* NOTE: If possible, please provide details to the person in your organisation most likely to deal with reporting instead of the general number/email.
INAR can provide all required materials, training and support.
We hope to hear from you!


IREPORT.IE RACIST INCIDENT REPORTING SYSTEM Racist Incident Reporting System, INAR Ireland’s flagship project, was launched in July 2013. It allows the people, communities, and organisations of Ireland to confidentially report racism nationwide. 

  • National, confidential and user-friendly way to report racism from any online device.
  • Enables people who experience or witness racism and/or those supporting them to do something about it and break the silence.

  • Used for monitoring racism in Ireland.
  • Provides evidence and data on racism in Ireland.
  • Counters an increase in racism and a hardening of racist attitudes.
  • Helps focus the discussion on finding solutions to racism.