Our projects

INAR runs and is involved in a range of local, national and international projects focused on recording, responding to, combating and monitoring racism in Ireland and abroad.

 Local & national projects 

iReport.ie Racist Incident Reporting System

Report racism and learn about iReport.ie Racist Incident Reporting System and how INAR monitores racism in Ireland 

iReport.ie Reports of Racism in Ireland

Access INAR’s Reports on Racism in Ireland and Thematic Reports

iReport.ie Racism Reporting Centres

Learn how to become a Reporting Centre and what support they offer 

March: The Anti-Racism Month

Get involved in INAR’s annual celebration of anti-racism 

Addressing Racism in the Community

Learn about Canal Communities Against Racism and building an Anti-Racist Community

Beyond Hate Crime Journal

Read ‘Beyond Hate Crime: Perspectives on racism in Ireland’ Journal

Face Up to Racism Trade Union Project

 Read about INAR’s trade union project and training focused on addressing racism at work 

PABI Project

Learn about the PABI Project focused on researching the policing experiences of people of African descent & the Brazilian community in Ireland

STAND Project

Learn about the Support Training Advocacy Network Development  focused on empowering minorities  to lead partnerships that drive social change

Safe Homes for All Project

Learn about the Safe Homes for All project focused on addressing discrimination in accommodation

SALAAM Project

Learn about the SALAAM Project focused on fighting Islamophobia through trainings, support provision and public campaigns

 international projects 

Facing Facts Project

INAR is one of partners in the Facing Facts innovative programme aiming to tackle the issue of hate crime and hate speech in Europe.

DecontRamination Project

INAR is one of partners in the DecontRamination Project which is focused on documenting and mapping hate speech.

Hate Speech Monitoring

Find out more about the European Commission Illegal Hate Speech Monitoring Project and INAR’s role as a Trusted Partner.

Peer Action Against Hate

INAR is one of partners in the PAAH Project which is focused on creating  learning opportunities for policy makers.

Inclusive Volunteering Project

INAR is one of the partners in the Inclusive Volunteering Project which aims to build intercultural understanding & solidarity through practices of volunteerism.


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