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INAR welcomes publication of Anti Racism Committee Interim Report to Government

INAR welcomes publication of Anti-Racism Committee Interim Report to Government.  April 2021 INAR sits on the Government’s advisory Anti-Racism Committee (ARC), appointed by Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan and Minister of State David Staunton in...

Media release: INAR gives cautious welcome to Hate Crime heads of bill

MEDIA RELEASE: INAR gives cautious welcome to Hate Crime heads of bill.April 16, 2021 The Irish Network Against Racism (INAR ) today welcomed as a “positive step forward” the Minister for Justice’s publication of a Heads of Bill for hate crime legislation. “We welcome...

Media release: INAR logs record high in racist incidents and assaults.

INAR launched the report of its 2020 findings from the racist incident reporting system. With the total number of incidents reaching 700 (there were 530 in 2019), the system also recorded 159 Criminal incidents, a record 51 racist assaults and a record 594 hate speech incidents.

INAR’s 2020 Reports of Racism in Ireland

INAR’s Reports of Racism in Ireland 2020 log record high in racist incidents and assaults.

Media release: Senator Flynn relaunches campaign for Hate Crime Legislation.

Senator Flynn Relaunches INAR’s Love Not Hate Campaign for Hate Crime Legislation.

Anti-Racism Month 2021

Anti-Racism Month 2021

Anti-Racism Month 2021: Get involved, see what’s on and add your event to INAR’s Anti-Racism Calendar.

Media Release: INAR Welcomes Hate Crime Report

MEDIA RELEASE: INAR Welcomes Hate Crime ReportDec 17, 2020 “We welcome the Department of Justice’s Hate Crime Report and the promise it holds for protecting minorities.” Says INAR – the Irish Network Against Racism. Speaking at Justice Minister Helen McEntee’s launch...

Hate Crime in Ireland: Key Developments

Read a summary of key events and developments in relation to hate crime legislation and policing in Ireland since 2000 till now, with the main focus on racist crimes.

bystander intervention

Witnessing Racism: What to Do As a Bystander

Do not not give-in to the bystander effect. Learn how to stand up to racism and intervene at a time when people need it most.

effects of racism

Racism and Mental Health: What We Know About How Racism Impacts Mental Health

Welcome to INAR’s Responding to Racism Blog. In this article we are discussing the effects of racism with the main focus on its impact on mental health.