safe HOMES for all


Safe Homes for All is a project supported by the St. Stephen’s Green Trust that aims at addressing housing insecurity and homelessness among individuals from minoritised backgrounds by carrying out action research.

About safe homes for all 

Racist harassment and discrimination in housing puts minorities, already facing structural, cultural and institutional discrimination at increased risk of homelessness, disproportionately to their population size. Yet very little research has been conducted exploring how it happens, what its effects are, and what are the system failures leading to this.

In order to bridge this gap, INAR, with support from the SSGT, is carrying out a survey with frontline staff in relevant accomodation service provision organisations. Complemented by insights from the iReport system, this will form the basis of a comprehensive report exploring the incidence of racism and discrimination in accomodation, its effects and the processes that lead to this. 

The Safe Homes for All Report is due to be launched in December of 2022. 

Have you faced discrimination in Accessing Housing? Share your Experience

We are particulary interested in the experiences of minority ethnic groups especially when it comes to accessing accomodation. If you have faced discrimination when accessing accomodation, please fill in an iReport. This is an easy to fill confidential mechanism that records racist incidents in Ireland.

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