INAR works collectively with its Members and Supporters to combat racism in Ireland.

Among other work, we do so through a number of campaigns and regular actions listed below.

INAR’s Campaigns and Actions

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#LoveNotHate: Campaign for Hate Crime Legislation

Learn about #LoveNotHate campaign for hate crime legislation

#NAPAR: National Action Plan Against Racism

Read about a call for the National Action Plan Against Racism (NAPAR)

#AREP19: Anti-Racism Election Protocol

Find out more about Anti-Racism Election Protocol campaigns

March: The Anti-Racism Month Celebrations

INAR’s annual month-long celebration of anti-racism 

Together Against Racism Social Media Action

INAR’s annual #TogetherAgainstRacism social media action on the 21st of March


Find out more about our projects, campaigns, research,policy work and events. 


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