Racism & policing

INAR’s WOrk on Racism and policing

In a functioning democracy, Police are defined as the holders of the  ‘monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force’, where that force is legitimate when used in the application of the rule of law and using  means which also uphold the rule of law.  Police forces are also guarantors of certain fundamental rights by protecting citizens from crime, and bringing violators of rights to justice. For the law and human rights to be applied, means that it must be applied equally to all who reside in Ireland. Instances where there is a failure to equally uphold  the rights of minorities by failing to treat them equally or by failing to protect them from hate crime, are failures that are of grave concern to INAR.

Ensuring that Police provide equal protection of  human rights and uphold the law  for everyone equally, requires robust structures for oversight and accountability.

See below on INAR’s work in the area of racism and policing.



This project set up a website reporting tool that helps our community understand how members of the public experience policing in Balbriggan, and how to support community action to improve policing.

The website also contains a section where you can learn about your rights when it comes to policing.


iReport.ie reports of racism in Ireland

INAR produces the iReport.ie Reports of Racism in Ireland, which regularly monitor An Garda Siochana’s responses to hate crimes and minorities.

Submission to the commission on the future of policing in ireland

INAR has welcomed  the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland’s report “The Future of Policing in Ireland”, to which it contributed its own submission, and to the submission of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, “A Human Rights-Based Approach to Policing in Ireland”

In its submission to the above Commission, INAR  highlights concerns  and makes recommendations for change in An Garda Siochana, notably  in the areas of:

  • Accountability and Oversight
  • Racial Profiling
  • Police Culture
  • Diversity within the Force
  • An Garda Siochana’s engagement with minority communities
  • AGS’s capacity to respond appropriately to hate crimes

Facing Facts: Hate Crime and the Criminal Justice System

Since 2016 INAR has been a partner on the Facing Facts project, where it co-created key resources for developing Police and Prosecution services capacity to respond to hate crime.

It also engaged in an in-depth project examining the Irish Criminal Justice System’s capacity to process and communicate data on hate crime. The ‘Connectin on hate crime data in Ireland’ report, authored jointly by INAR’s Director Shane OCurry and hate crime expert Joanna Perry, can be found here.


Responding to Racism Guide: How to report racism and where to find help

Information about your rights in dealing with racist crime or about your rights with regards An Garda Siochana, can be found in INAR’s Responding to Racism Guide.

#LoveNotHate campaign for hate crime legislation

INAR is campaigning for the introduction of hate crime legislation in Ireland. Join the #LoveNotHate campaign call and find out more here.

Coalition against hate crime Ireland (CAHC)

INAR is the coordinating organisation of the CAHC, a civil society coalition whose Members represent groups commonly targeted in hate crimes. Find out about CAHC’s work here.


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