Find out more about INAR policy and advocacy work and its main focus.

our Policy and Advocacy work 

Hate Crime Legislation

Learn about #LoveNotHate campaign for hate crime legislation

National Action Plan Against Racism

Read about a call for the National Action Plan Against Racism (NAPAR)

Coalition Against Hate Crime

Lean about CAHC, a civil society coalition representing groups commonly targeted in hate crimes.

Hate Speech Monitoring

Find out more about the European Commission Monitoring Project

CERD Report

 Read our Civil Society Alternative Report to UN CERD

Racism and policing

Learn about INAR’s work on racism and policing

Research and data

Access INAR’s reports, submissions and data on racism in Ireland

Recent report

Alternative Report on

Racial Discrimination in Ireland

Collective Civil Society Perspective

reports of racism in ireland

Access iReport.ie data on racism in Ireland since 2013. 


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Find out more about our projects, campaigns, research,policy work and events. 


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