#LoveNotHate Campaign

#LoveNotHate Campaign for hate crime legislation

We are calling for the government to introduce hate crime legislation immediately, to protect people from various minorities in Ireland. We want to help break the silence on hate crime, encourage people to report racism and other hate attacks and to find effective ways to address it.

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Unite to legislate against hate crime

The YES Equality campaign was an amazing show of public support for equality in Ireland. We want our government to take the next step, and protect those among us who are perceived to be different because of our skin colour, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, different physical or mental abilities and so on.

Introducing hate crime legislation would place us among the majority of countries in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the European and common law countries. It would help Ireland meet its European Union and International obligations.

Why do we need hate crime legislation

We need to send a clear message that racism and hate have no place in our communities and that our society should be inclusive of all.
We must break the silence on hate crime, encourage people to report it, and find effective ways to address all forms of racism and prejudice. This legislation can help to achieve that.

#LoveNotHate: Get involved

Online & social media

  • Watch and share our campaign video.
  • Sign and share our petition on social media. Send it to your friends and colleagues by email. Encourage others to do the same.
  • Join the conversation. Use #LoveNotHate hashtag on social media.
  • Put politicians under pressure. Involve them in the conversation about hate crime. Tag them in your tweets about the campaign. Email them.
  • Print out the Love Not Hate image, take a photo with your friends and/or colleagues and post it on your social media using #LoveNotHate hashtag (or email it to us).
  • Share our campaign posts on Facebook, Twitter and other online media.
  • Report racist incidents to www.iReport.ie – this to evidence the need for hate crime legislation.

Where you work, live or study

  • Endorse Love Not Hate campaign as an organisation. Click here to find out how to do that and see the official list of Endorsers to date.
  • Download Love Not Hate petition – paper version and collect signatures in your school, college, work, place of worship etc. Return filled in, scanned petition sheets to us via email (aga@inar.ie). Remember, every signature counts! Contact aga@inar.ie if you have any questions.
  • Talk to people about the campaign and its call. You may be surprised how many people think that Ireland already has hate crime laws.
  • Give or send our Love Not Hate Brochure to your contacts. Display it in your office, school, place of worship etc.  You can order more leaflets from us!
If you would like to organise a local #LoveNotHate campaign event you can order brochures and badges from our office by emailing aga@inar.ie.

#LoveNotHate Campaign video

Action Against racism Group

Love Not Hate campaign for hate crime legislation has been started by INAR in 2015 and was initially led by Action Against Racism, a group of people from diverse Minority Ethnic backgrounds who are committed to justice, equality and an Ireland where there is no place for racism and hate. They were working with INAR and its allies to fight racism, and to campaign for the introduction of hate crime legislation, within the broader context of a renewed National Action Plan Against Racism.