Together Against Racism

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Every year a few days leading to the 21st of March INAR invites its Network Members, Friends, Supporters and Members of the Public to join #TogetherAgainstRacism Social Media Campaign to mark the International Day Against Racism.

ABOUT Together Against Racism social media campaign (18th-21st March)


 Why the 21st of March?


March is an important month for both Irish and global Anti-Racism Movements due to various international celebrations focusing on combating racism and celebrating diversity taking place.

21 st March marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the most important day in every anti-racist’s calendar.  On that day in 1960, the Apartheid regime’s police opened fire and killed 69 Black people at a peaceful demonstration for equality and against apartheid laws in Sharpeville, South Africa. Since this date has been declared, in remembrance of the harmful impact of racism on individuals and communities, people across the globe on that day show their opposition to racism and solidarity with those affected by it.

    Join Together Against Racism national social media campaign! 

    Since 2108, each year a couple of days before the 21st of March INAR invites its Network Members, Friends, Supporters and Members of the Public to join #TogetherAgainstRacism Social Media Campaign to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,  to show their opposition to racism, xenophobia, far-right ideologies and stand in solidarity with those affected. The aim of the action is to get together, show that racism has no place in Ireland and share a positive message of inclusion, diversity, equality and togetherness.

    #TogetherAgainstRacism Social Media Campaign is part of our annual Anti-Racism Month celebrations taking place throughout March. 

    We ask people to:



    Write down and print #TogetherAgainstRacism on a piece of paper, write it on your hand (or anything else), add this text to your photo as a sticker etc. Be creative!


    Take a photo of yourself alone or with family, friends, team, class,  colleagues holding this hashtag (or put the hashtag on your picture). Zoom/ MS Teams photos are more than welcome!


    Post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin between 18th and 21st March to show that you stand with us against racism.


    Use #TogetherAgainstRacism hashtag with your post or tweet so we can find and re-post it.

    What happens next?

    All photos with the hashtag will be re-posted/ re-tweeted or copied from Instagram and will be included in a dedicated Facebook album. At the end of the action, we make a photo collage and/or video of all the received images, just like these below.

    Disclaimer: Please note that by participationg in the Together Against Racism campaign you give INAR permission to use your photo in all campaign-related communication (re-posting, use in the final collage and/or video).

    Everyone is welcome to join!

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