OUR Training
 INAR provides a number of thematic anti-racism and reporting racism training as listed below.

INAR anti-racism TRAINING

INAR provides a number of practical training focused on anti-racism, reporting and finding practical responses to racism, to support your professional development, organisational capacity and work with those affected by racism. Check below for the upcoming training dates and feel free to enquire about any of the training sessions listed below. 

Apart from training listed below we also provide on demand training tailored to the specific requests and needs your organisation may have. 

Email if you have questions about any of the training listed below.

Responding to racism training

Training for Ethnic Minority leaders, people working with minorities and civil society organisations, especially those who already are or wish to become an Racism Reporting Centre. The training is based on ‘Responding to Racism Guide: How to Report Racism and Where to Find Help’. It aims to provide trainees with necessary basic knowledge on supporting those affected by racism, find possible reporting routes and existing legislation for various manifestations of racism, and responding to racism in a strategic way.

Face Up to Racism: Trade unioN training

INAR has developed training for trade union leaders to recognise and respond to racism, and to mainstream within the trades union movement in Ireland.

PUblic bodies training

Anti-racism focused training tailored to the needs of local authorities and other public bodies. Please email if you would like to discuss your requirements and/or find out more.

Train the Trainer Training for Traveller Leaders

This training was developed to upskill the leaders of the Traveller Community in responding to and reporting racism. Email us you have any questions.

Responding to Racism in the community training

Training for community organisations, networks and partnerships focused on reporting racism using and responding to racism in a community context in a more coordinated, strategic way. The training was developed as a part of the Anti-Racism Community Project training

We provide workshops and training on the use of iReport for reporting racism. Email us to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Tailored training

INAR provides on-demand training on a range racism-related topics such as anti-racism legislation, hate crime, reporting and responding to racism etc., tailored to the needs of your organisation. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Facing Facts project: tackling hate crime & hate speech

INAR is a partner in the Facing Facts project which offers a wide range of online courses, many of which are free, some for a nominal fee,  on hate crime monitoring, and on responding to online hate speech. The courses are aimed at law enforcement and civil society organisations across the EU. They are all highly recommended.