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During summer 2019 INAR carried out Civil Society consultation in relation to how well Ireland implements the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. As a result, INAR produced Alternative Report on Racist Discrimination in Ireland.

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UN CERD Civil Society Alternative Report Consultation

The Irish Government is presenting its State Report to CERD (Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) in Geneva on 2-3 December 2019. In response to this, INAR produced a Collective Civil Society Alternative Report based on a national Civil Society consultation over the summer of 2019.


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INAR carried out Civil Society consultation during summer 2019 in relation to how well Ireland implements the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. See below for updates on the consultation process, the report and the CERD examination of Ireland. 

INAR CERD Delegation: (R-L) Amel Yacef, Bianca Paun, Oein DeBhairduin, Nana Nubi, Abiola Muhammed, Drs Ebun Joseph, Liam Thornton, Lucy Michael.

  • 1/11/2019: INAR published it’s report to CERD. Download it here. We are delighted to say that our Report to CERD is written and has been submitted to CERD. Many thanks to the 56 organisations and hundreds of individuals as well as researcher/ authors Dr Lucy Michael, Rola Abu-Zeid O’Neill and Dr Marta Kempny. You can read it in full here. Next steps are the examination of Ireland in front of CERD in December, see below for more on the process.
  • 9/10/2019: The list of themes for the CERD review of Ireland is published by the CERD Committee. This gives us an idea of the committees intended line of questioning for Ireland and will be useful to INAR  in framing our report and our representations in Geneva in December.

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Consultation for the Alternative CERD Civil Society Collective Report for Ireland is now closed 

Civil society voices its concerns to the CERD examination in Civil Society Alternative Reports (collective or by individual organisations). Collective reports usually have a stronger impact than individual ones.
To ensure that Civil Society Groups in Ireland contribute fully to the process INAR was coordinating the Collective Civil Society Alternative Report over the summer 2019 for submission to CERD in December 2019.
To do this we looked for input and evidence-based information from Civil Society Groups and Organisations to report to CERD about how well Ireland is meeting its obligations.

The importance of the CERD examination process:

  • The Convention has had a significant impact on national legislation. Many states have adopted policies and plans against racism outlawing hate crime and racial discrimination by the state, in the workplace, or in the provision of goods and services.
  • The CERD reporting system has prompted individual States to enact anti-racist legislation or amend existing laws.

CERD CONSULTATION 2019: Have your say on racism in Ireland

Get involved with the CERD consultation

We want to hear from you if your organisation:

  • Wishes to point out the key problems of racial discrimination in Ireland;
  • Has any recommendations for the state to act on (e.g. resources, policies, legislation or improvements);
  • Has any evidence of racism, either institutional or individual (e.g. reports, research, media links, photos, data etc.).

Reporting Template

Fill in CERD Reporting Template if your group issues its own individual Alternative Report to CERD. As Collective Reports are stronger we would like to make sure that your observations are also included in our Collective Report. Send it to support@inar.ie by 5pm, Monday, 2nd September.

Consultation Meetings

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Join our CERD Consultation Mailing List to stay up to date with the CERD consultation process. To do so, please send an email with ‘CERD’ in the subject heading to support@inar.ie.

CERD Questionnaire

Fill in our CERD Questionnaire by 5pm, Tuesday, 20th of August,  to share your observations, evidence and recommendations in relation to the state of racism in Ireland.

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Steering committee: Who’s involved


The Steering Group Area of Expertise
Women’s rights, People of African Descent, Muslims’ rights, integration
Travellers’ rights
Grace Wilentz Treaty bodies, women’s rights, Anti-semitism
Civil society, Roma rights
Youth, People of African Descent
de Bhairduin
LGBT Travellers and Roma rights
Intersectionality, Travellers’ rights, women’s rights and disabled people’s rights
Youth and Muslim women’s rights
Saoirse Brady Treaty bodies
Community organising and anti-racism
EU institutions and treaty bodies
Stixy Nyaluso Direct Provision and the asylum process
Brazilian community, Civil Society and hate crime


Consultants INAR Staff
Dr Lucy Micheal Shane O Curry
Rola Abu Zeid-O’Neill Aga Wiesyk
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