Respond to racism

Learn how to address and respond to racism as an individual, an organisation and as a community and how you can help those affected

Report racism and support those affected 

Report racist incidents to Racist Incident Reporting System

Report racism, learn about Racist Incident Reporting System and how INAR monitores racism in Ireland 

Responding to Racism Guide: How to Report Racism and Where to Find Help

The guide is packed with practical information on where/how to report racist crime, discrimination, racism on line and in the media and how to address it.

Responding to Racism Blog

The Blog, based on the Responding to Racism Guide, is a one-stop-shop online resource on reporting and responding to racism, easily available to anyone affected by racism in Ireland. 

Respond to racism as an organisation

Become INAR Member

Join our national anti-racism Network

Become a Racism Reporting Centre

Learn how to become a Reporting Centre and what support they offer 

Join our actions and campaigns

Check out our campaigns and see how your can get involved.

Join 'March: The Anti-Racism Month'

Get involved in INAR’s annual celebration of anti-racism 

Face Up to Racism Trade Union Project

 Read about INAR’s trade union project and training focused on addressing racism at work 


Access INAR’s range of tailored anti-racism training

respond to racism in your community

Witnessing racism in your neighbourhood or your community may be an overwhelming experience, where you may feel stuck, scared, angry and not knowing what to do nor how to support those affected. Hate-fuelled crimes and incidents are an attack on a community’s health. Hate tears society apart along racial, ethnic, gender, and religious lines. Hate crimes, more than any other crime, can trigger community confl ict, civil disturbances, and even riots. To prevent that, similarly as in a case of bystander intervention, we must recognise that all of us, either acting as concerned citizens or as members of community organisations, have power to stand up against racism. Every single act of anti-racism resistance can have a positive ripple effect on victims, our communities and the society.

Anti-racist Community Model

Learn about Canal Communities Against Racism and building an Anti-Racist Community

Responding to racism in a community

 Read recommendations and ideas on responding to racism on a community level.

Bystander intervention

Learn safe techniques to speak up, step in or engage others to help when witnessing racist incidents.


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