Racist Incident Reporting System allows people, communities and organisations in Ireland to confidentially report racism nationwide. iREPORT.IE compiles data from information submitted by people who have been subjected to or who witnessed racism.

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  • National, confidential and user-friendly way to report racism from any online device.
  • Enables people who experience or witness racism and/or those supporting them to do something about it and break the silence.
  • Used for monitoring racism in Ireland.
  • Provides evidence and data on racism in Ireland.
  • Counters an increase in racism and a hardening of racist attitudes.
  • Helps focus the discussion on finding solutions to racism.

How works makes it as easy as possible for people to self-report all racist incidents by using any device connected to internet. It is a way for people whose voices are often unheard, to be heard, and to participate in the national conversation on racism.  

Through, INAR collects civil society data on racist hate crimes and discrimination and reguraly produces Reports of Racism in Ireland and thematic reports. Collecting data, analysing it and reporting on hate crime can provide communities and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with a powerful tool with which to present their concerns to government, law enforcement, media and others. To date, INAR has also used data in reports to international organisations such as the United Nations, European Commission, EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), and OSCE/ODIHR.

Credible data collected through provides the facts needed to advocate for improved public policies which, in turn, both act to prevent and to combat racist discrimination and hate crime and provide services which respond to the needs of victims of racist incidents.

Collecting data on Racism in Ireland through

The racist incident reporting system has been designed to allow comparison with international patterns and to facilitate understandings of racism which are particular to the Irish context.
Based on the data collected through INAR regularly produces Reports of Racism in Ireland

INAR launched iReport Racist Incident Reporting System in July 2013. is Ireland’s independent, on-line besed racism reporting system. It enables us to build a more accurate picture of the extent and forms of racism in our society. 

Reports of racism can be made directly through website or through one of Reporting CentresQuestions are designed to capture a large amount of detail about:

  • Racist incidents, including information about where, when and how the incident occurred.
  • Details about the victim(s) and
  • Information about perpetrator(s).
  • Why the incident has been perceived as racist, its impact on the victim and/or witnesses, and the interplay with age, gender, sexuality and disability.

Based on data collected through the INAR reguraly produces Reports of Racism in Ireland and thematic reports all of which can be downloaded below. 

Analysis of the data has been carried out by Dr Lucy Michael in consultation with Shane O’Curry, Director of INAR. REPORTS OF RACISM IN IReland

Report racism. See it. Send it. End it.

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