CERD Reporting Template

by Aug 8, 2019

CERD 2019 Civil Society Reporting: CERD Reporting Template

  • Download the template below.
  • Complete this template and email the copy  to support@inar.ie with ‘CERD’ in the title.
  • You can also use this template to make an individual submission from your organisation
  •  Please provide a copy to us at the same time.
Click here to download the Template

Instructions for using CERD Civil Society Reporting Template

Frontpage: Fill in your organisation’s details


  • About your organisation – max 300 words
  • Summary of key issues/recommendation – max 500 words

Table of contents

  • This is an automatic table. Instructions are above it. You do not have to complete all sections.
  • To delete any section, do not delete it on the table of contents. Delete the actual content box and then update the table of contents by right-clicking it and selecting ‘update entire table’.

Issues emerging from Concluding Observations 2011

  • Each of these issues was addressed in the 2011 period and the recommendations are described in the relevant box below the theme title.
  • Do not edit the title or relevant paragraphs.
  • Recommendations: Answer the question(s) on the implementation of recommendations in less than 200 words.
  • Problems: Describe the key problems in this area and refer to any legislation/statistics/other evidence. No more than 600 words.
  • Recommendations: No more than 100 words

Issues emerging since 2011

  • We have identified a number of issues which are particularly significant since 2011.
  • You can add others by using the template boxes at the end and editing the title. Make sure that the title is formatted as ‘heading 3’ so that it will appear in your Table of Contents.
  • We have included the link to a short description of the CERD articles so that you can cite the relevant ones.

Useful reference resources to use with the Template