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4th November 2013

Where & When? The Dáil, 1pm – 2pm, Tuesday 5th November

Visuals: Two large banners with the slogans ‘Stop state racism. End racial & ethnic profiling now’ and ‘No family should fear the state’. Placards with ‘Don’t profile me’, ‘Protection for who?
Many more on the day!

Music: Live Roma music from Sergiu Pruteanun and Musicantia

Who? The Anti Racism Network (ARN) with the support of INAR, it’s network members, and concerned members of the Irish public.

What: The Irish Government says that its actions aren’t racist. The experiences of people from minority groups tell a different story. Everybody is equal and should be treated on the basis of equality.

The recent removal of Roma children from their families is one clear example. We believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. Families and individuals are subjected to ethnic or racial profiling on a daily basis; Singled out, targeted or treated differently because of how they look or how they are perceived. Profiling equates to prejudice.


Luke Bukha Kasuwanga, ARN activist
Shane O’Curry, Director of INAR