Organise a local launch of the Anti-Racism Election Protocol 2019

Thank you for visiting this page and your interest in organising a local launch of the Anti-racism Election Protocol 2019. We hope the below information will be helpful in doing so.

  • INAR encourages welcomes any local initiative in support of the Anti-Racism Election Protocol 2019. Due to our capacity, we will not be able to participate in all those events and we rely on our Members, other organisations and/or individual candidates to organise them. For example, in Wicklow, it was an initiative of a local candidate and in Galway – Galway Anti Racism Network & Galway Traveller Movement.
  • It’s up to you when to organise the event and what form it will take.
  • Get in touch with your local media to get the message across to the local constituents. Promote the event on your website and social media using #AREP19 hashtag; email the information to your contacts.
  • Send the details of your event to INAR at – we will help you with the promotion.
  • Remember to take photos to document the event. Post them online using hashtag #AREP19 so we can find those posts.
  • Collect names of all candidates listing their party affiliation, constituency and email address. Email it to an electronic format (Word, Excel or written within a body of an email; no scans or pdf please) to make the updating of the list online as smooth as possible. The sample of s signatories list cn be found below in the ‘Resources’ section.
  • Please note that candidates’ emails will not be published and will only be used by INAR to communicate with signatories.

INAR can provide the following support with AREP events:

  • Provide you with branded designs of the AREP19 for print. You can download them below from the ‘Resources’ section. 
  • Link you with anti-racist local organisations and our Members in your area.
  • Support online promotion via our social media channels and National Network. Please use the following hashtag #AREP19.
  • After the event, we will update the list of Endorsers with all local candidates who signed up to the protocol at your event. Don’t forget to email us the list of signatories (see below).
We hope this helps and thank you for support! Please do not hesitate to contact us at  if you have any other questions.


Below are some branded resources for you to download, print and use during the launch.

AREP 19- A4 protocol

Download the protocol form for individual candidates to sign

AREP 19- Signature board 60x84cm

Download large board for all candidates to sign

AREP 19- Large board 84x60cm

Download large promotional board

AREP 19-List of signatories

Download an Excel template of signatories list