The UN Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) met in Geneva to hear Ireland’s report on racism from 22-23 February. 
With the election only days away at the time, the Committee commended the commitment of political parties to the INAR Anti Racism Political Protocol, although it was pointed out that this should not lead to complacency.  Coming shortly after the general election, the Committee’s concluding observations may play a crucial role is setting out a mandate for the new government on anti racism.   
Having secured commitment from political parties, INAR also invited individual candidates to sign the Protocol as a public declaration of their own support for the Protocol and its message.  This call was well received and declarations of support flooded in.  The protocol continued to be quite successful in the 2011 general election campaign but things were not perfect.  INAR is following up on a number of statements brought to their attention by concerned citizens during the course of the campaign. 
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