SALAAM is a project funded by the European Commission focused on fighting Islamophobia through the provision of improved supports to victims of Islamophobia, pieces of training for Local Authority Staff, implementation of Sustainable Participation Platforms and Public Awareness campaigns. 


What is racism?

Racism is any action, practice, policy, law, speech, or incident which has the effect (whether intentional or not) of undermining anyone’s enjoyment of their human rights, based on their actual or perceived ethnic or national origin or background, where that background is that of a marginalised or historically subordinated group.

How can I offer support to victims of racism?
– If you have faced or witnessed a racist incident, you can find a list of available supports here.

How can I report racism?
– You can also log a racist incident with the iReport system here.

– If the racist incident you experienced is a criminal offence, you are also encouraged to report it to the Gardai here. A hate crime is, typically, a violent crime motivated by prejudice, when a perpetrator targets a victim because of their perceived membership of a certain social group.

– If there is an immediate risk to life/property or a crime is in progress. Or if you feel threatened in any way or are in danger, call 999/112.

Why is reporting important?

The findings from the system are used to compile annual reports that have been used to successfully advocate for more effective policies and procedures for tackling racism in institutions and wider society, including through the National Action Plan Against Racism. This information will also help [name of local authority] to review and improve our policies to offer you better service.

Can I report a racist incident on behalf of someone else?
Yes. You can report an incident you have been made aware of, or on behalf of someone else. You can also anonymise the people in the report if they do not want their names in the report.


IREPORT.IE RACIST INCIDENT REPORTING SYSTEM Racist Incident Reporting System, INAR Ireland’s flagship project, was launched in July 2013. It allows the people, communities, and organisations of Ireland to confidentially report racism nationwide. 

    • National, confidential and user-friendly way to report racism from any online device.
    • Enables people who experience or witness racism and/or those supporting them to do something about it and break the silence.
    • Used for monitoring racism in Ireland.
    • Provides evidence and data on racism in Ireland.
    • Counters an increase in racism and a hardening of racist attitudes.
    • Helps focus the discussion on finding solutions to racism.