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About arep 2020

On Friday, 24th January at 11 am, the Irish Network Against Racism will re-launch it’s Anti-Racism Election Protocol (AREP) at the front of the Leinster House, in the light of the upcoming General Election 2020. The AREP 2020 has particular relevance in the context of the increase in racist discourse and the rise of xenophobic populism in Ireland and globally. Therefore, we hope that this protocol can help keep the February 8 General Election free from the kind of toxic, racist discourse that misinforms voters and debases political debate.

The Anti-Racism Election Protocol has played an important role since 2001 in ensuring that elections have been conducted in such a way that they do not incite hatred or prejudice on the grounds of ‘race’, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, religious belief and membership of the Traveller Community.

Political parties that have previously endorsed the Protocol included: Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Labour, Solidarity-PBP, the Green Party and the Workers’ Party. Many independents and individual candidates have signed it too. You can see all the signatories of the previous AREP 19 here.


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endorse the Anti-racism Election Protocol 2020

To sign up, follow these 6 steps:

  1. Download and read the Protocol here or read it below.
  2. Send an email from your Party General Secretary/ authorised person/ yourself (in case of individual candidates) confirming that you are endorsing the protocol to Please note we do not need the signed copy of the protocol – an email confirmation from an aurhorised person’s email account is sufficient. Attach your logo (hi-res version preferably).
  3. If you wish to sign up a group of candidates please provide the following details for each person: name/constituency/political affilaition/email. 
  4. Circulate the signed Protocol among your party members and canvassers informing them that the party has signed it.
  5. Display the signed protocol on your website and social media with a hashtag #AREP20 to inform the public you/your Party is committed to anti-racism.
  6. We will add your/ your Party name and logo (where applicable) to the list of the AREP 20 endorsers and re-tweet/re-post your AREP 20 – related Facebook posts and Tweets to promote your commitment. to anti-racism.
INAR invites political representatives to demonstrate their commitment to anti-racism by signing the below declaration as an indication of their support and endorsement of the Protocol.

Anti-racism election PROTOCOL 2020


As a candidate/authorised rep of a political party in the 2020 General Election, I agree:

  • To send a consistent and clear message to my constituents that I reject racism and all forms of discrimination and hate speech.
  • To condemn any campaign materials or statements that may incite hatred or express prejudice on the grounds of ‘race’, colour, nationality or origin, ethnic background, religious belief, or membership of the Traveller Community.
  • To guarantee that when engaging in ongoing debate in relation to groups which are the potential targets of racism, including asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, people of African or Asian origin, people of Jewish faith, Muslims, Roma and Travellers, my contribution to such debate is conducted in a responsible way and with respect for the dignity and rights of all members of the human race.
  • To use appropriate and inclusive language and words when referring to people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, in order to avoid stereotyping, prejudice or confusion.
  • To endeavour to use images in my election material that reflects the diversity of our society.
  • To inform all of my political campaigners about the intent and contents of this Protocol.
  • To inform my/our constituents that I have signed up to this Protocol.

What do we understand as hate speech?

The EU provides the following guidelines to distinguish content inciting to bias/ discriminatory hatred or violence.

By signing the protocol the signatories of the AREP 20 commit to the terms of the Protocol and to refrain from using this kind of rethoric during the General Election 2020 and afterwords. 

DEgrading language
Content using degrading, defamatory words/expressions to name certain social groups/individuals belonging or perceived to belong to such groups
degrading images
Content diffusing degrading, defamatory pictures/images relating to certain groups/individuals belonging or perceived to belong to such groups
insulting overgeneralising statements
Content expressing insulting overgeneralising statements about certain groups/individuals belonging or perceived to belong to such groups
denying/grossly trivialising historical events
Condoning/glorifying, denying or grossly trivialising historical events relevant to certain groups
calling for limiting the rights
Content calling for limiting the rights of, or otherwise discriminating against certain groups/individuals belonging or perceived to belong to such groups.
calling for violent acts
Content calling for violent acts against certain groups/individuals belonging or perceived to belong to such groups
calling for the murder/annihilation
Content calling for the murder/annihilation of certain groups/individuals belonging or perceived to belong to such groups

Organise your local #arep20 event

During the AREP 20 campaign, apart from the national launch in Dublin, local and online events were organised in Galway, Laois, Donegal, Limerick and the Fingal area (see below images).

If you’d like to organise your local AREP20 launch click here for more information.


Did your candidate sign the AREP 20?

We are encouraging constituents to ask canvassing politicians if they have committed to the Anti-racism Election Protocol 2020.

Did your candidate breach the terms of the AREP20 ?

Get in touch with INAR (via email, Facebook or Twitter) if you believe that a candidate/politician who has committed to the Anti-racism Election Protocol 2020 breached its terms.